Bromborough Methodist Church
Allport Lane
CH62 7HW
Bromborough Methodist Church was founded in 1927, and is situated on Allport Lane in Bromborough, about half a mile south of Bromborough village centre. It is one of 24 churches in the Wirral Circuit, which in turn is in the Liverpool District of the Methodist Church.

Bromborough Methodist Church seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve the local community.  We aim to be a church where everyone can feel respected and at home. A warm welcome awaits you and we hope that this website will encourage you to come and visit us.  If you want to talk to somebody about spiritual matters, or just need someone to talk to, do join us one Sunday, or contact the minister initially.

We are also happy to arrange for weddings, funerals or baptisms.

To find out more about us please take time to explore some of the other pages on this website.


Our Minister is Rev. Blair Kirkby
Hi, my name is Blair Kirkby and I am the minister for Bromborough Methodist Church. I am Canadian by background and pastoral by nature. I have four adult children, an English wife, and a strong commitment to live and share this faith that keeps calling me to stand taller and love more. I have lived on the Wirral for ten years now so I am beginning to feel quite at home; a foreigner who somehow belongs. At its best, the Church can be a wonderful vehicle of grace and hope but, of course, we are often not at our best. Frequently, we lack the courage and love to really follow the bold, life-giving path that a certain Galilean lit up on the way to the cross. Together though, we keep on trying and sometimes, together we get it right. In a way, the fun is in the trying and I have a feeling that it is going to be a pleasure to try with the people of Bromborough.

In and with God’s love,
Blair is available on 07913 476934

Our Mission Statement
"The people of the Methodist Church, Bromborough: Seeking to share their experience of the spirit of Christ"